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"The Pelican Guard"
 Dottie Cooper Katz was born and raised in Maine, but has lived and traveled throughout most of the United States including Hawaii. While traveling, she was recording many of the things and places she saw on canvas in oils and acrylics. Several years later she stippled a series of intricate inks that have received many awards. Her stipplings were accomplished one dot at a time. This limited edition work was so extensive that it includes over 20 pieces! They include wildlife, architecture, pets, children, and several special pieces.

 After a decision to make some major changes in her life, Dottie enrolled in a graphic design course that encouraged her to work in other media and enhance her creativity process. Her instructor saw her potential and encouraged her to apply for University of Georgia¹s Studies Abroad Program in Cortona , Italy as an Artist in Residence. Considering the fact that she is a self-taught artist, her acceptance was quite an honor as it was based solely on her merits rather than her education. It was in Cortona that a transformation took place in Dottie, inspiring her to radically change her approach to art. The new Cooper-K style was born and blossomed into the collection of paintings that have captivated the interest of her followers.


"Orlando Home"
Dottie’s accomplishments include several one person shows, exhibits, and many awards including Best of Shows. Additionally, her publications include a three page article in Florida Wildlife Magazine, an illustration in Florida Naturalist, cover artist for both North Florida Living and three issues of Metro Magazine. This architectural watercolor collage that appeared in Metro Orlando Home Magazine is rich in texture and imagination as all of her pieces seem to be. She is available to do commissions for pieces such as these and many others. Like many of her pieces you must view it from two vantage points. First, up close to see the detail and then to step away and let the image work on you. The mixed media work together until they have created a work greater than the sum of its parts.

Lately, Dottie’s paintings use a mixed- media technique. They are rich in colors, textures, ink, collage, and acrylics or watercolors. In this piece, she has captured the moods of a musician and the way music flows from their being. Look closely and you may find unintentional images that come to life in Dottie’s subconscience.

Dottie believes that we should all live our lives to their fullest and she wants that reflected in her work. As she puts it, "We are all here for a purpose… and we are all here for each other." There is no doubt that Dottie is not only here for us, but has given us a tremendous gift that we can carry with us for the rest of our lives. That is the gift of herself deeply embedded in the pieces of art work she has made available to each of us.

"The Making of Music"

These photos show a few of the awards picked up through the years. I’m sorry a camera wasn’t available for many of my top ribbons. Oh well, the money was good.

Best in Show

Center bottom – Egyptian painting,
Best in category

First Place

First in Watercolor

Merit Award

Merit Award again

Studio wall

Ribbons, closeup

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Dottie Cooper Katz can be reached at:
Cooper K Studio
Merritt Island, Florida

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