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  Pool Bath

A few years back, I returned from vacation only to find my bedroom and bath flooded. The wallpaper had some damage so I had to tear it off the wall. I do not enjoy putting up wallpaper, but love the look, so I decided to paint it on. I got creative with the technique by adding texture as well. This made the walls very unique and pleasing. Now I am not happy with the dark wood and in the near future this will be changed. The same wood is on the kitchen cabinets, well, now only on HALF the cabinets. I have done 1/2 of the kitchen and will be making a videotape of the process on the other half. This will be an instructional tape.

Front Entry

After finishing the pool bath, I decided to cover the ugly wallpaper in the entry. Since the paper was securely on the wall I painted over it with my cooperk style. I completed this over 7 years ago and it still looks freshly done.

Kitchen cabinets

This is a preview to the finished kitchen which I am in the process of finding time to finish. It is a much more enjoyable room to be in. And isn’t that what it is all about??

Back Porch

I had to replace my indoor outdoor carpet this year, it was really getting ragged. While I was looking for the right color (which I couldn’t find) I decided to look at paint options. Well, one thing led to another and I had a great time painting faux stones on the floor……… I even added lady bugs and writing. (click on this image to see the detail)

Garage door

I wanted a flag, but I know that it is supposed to be taken in during rain and at night unless a light is on it, and since I am forever on the go, I knew that wasn’t going to happen. The answer??? Paint!! This was quite an endevor, since the weather was not cooperating with my free time.(not to mention the deep grooves on the door) Some of it was painted at night. I still want to do more to this, but for the time being, I am happy with the red, white, and blue. There are 50 stars in all, but somehow three of them ended up on the blue front door.

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