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This huge bathroom was all white with light oak cabinets. The wall peaks at 19 feet and the tiles around the big tub had turquoise and peach on them (until I painted them).

I textured the walls with paint, painted the cabinets and counter tops, and had a lot of help from my client and now close friend, Denise McLean. She is a very talented and creative lady, probably why her son, A. J. McLean, of the Back Street Boys, is so talented. ( Do I sound like a fan??) Actually I am, and also very impressed with how much he gives back to the

These photos look very blue and that is probably because a lot of the light coming in through the stained glass window is picked up by the camera. But I think you can get the idea. Enjoy!!

From Living Room looking into the Billiard Room

From the Billiard Room looking into the Living Room

Billiard Room Wall

After doing the blue bath, Denise decided she would like her pool room look like an old brick wall with plaster breaking off. She was thinking of getting 3 dimensional plaster forms and painting them. I said I think I can do it with just paint. Lo and behold……. see for yourself. At her big Halloween party last year, her guests would actually walk up and touch the
wall because they thought she had real bricks added to the walls. Now THAT’S a compliment. Granted it was a little dark……. but not that dark.

If you look closely in the room you will also see some of my paintings( not the caricatures). Some of them hang a little crooked, but then you would have to understand my friend. Lovable but slightly off balance. Just joking Denise.

Now here is the Jungle Bath at Denise’s. I finished this just in time for the Christmas party. Since there was not much time to accessorize, I suggested that we just fill up the tub with water and put in floating candles. It was a big hit. Big line outside that bath all evening ……. can’t imagine why.

Denise said she had to have something out of context, so over the small mirror in the corner is a polar bear. I told you……………….. lovable but slightly off balance. Well, now……. I have to be completely honest here, that’s what my friends say about me. Now you know why she and I are such good friends.

As you can see from the above before and after shots of Denise’s Mermaid Bath, this bath was not coordinated in color at all. By painting the cabinets and the cabinet top, changing the fixtures and adding the mural…………… the whole room is a fun place to be. And it now coordinates with the tiles in the shower.

This room was a blast. If you knew the puppies, Panda and Bear, you would know that this IS them. If they could get into trouble in any way, they will do it. Panda is the drama queen, she is on the bottom , the one with the belly. I had to incorporate the built in ironing board on the wall into the mural and came up with the butterfly cage. Thus the name for this wall is "Freeing the Butterflies". These guys are my buddies. So I had fun with this wall and as usual I had no idea what I was going to do until I started painting the wall grey. Denise is so trusting with my ideas.

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