Cruise News!

Hi everyone,

It has finally happened, with perseverance and patience, I have finally been added to the great group of artists on the Carnival and Princess cruise auction program. It is great exposure for my work and wonderful news for all my appreciated patrons. The value of your originals will be escalating in the near future. I certainly hope you are enjoying your art and just because it is going to be worth more than the purchase price doesn’t mean a thing. Yeah… right.

If you have ever been to an auction at sea, you know it is an up and coming business that is HUGE. Some of the originals go for big bucks. Well, that is a ways off for my work, but as of this moment, I have 30 ships pushing my work on an average of once every 2 days. Four of my originals were shipped to Los Angeles to be printed and published and then came the fun part. I was shipped to Los Angeles (by airplane) to sign 1600 L.E (plus artist proofs) offset lithographs. (when I finished in about 2.5 hours, my wrist was aching… but it bounced right back and I am still painting) They are large and reproduced very well. The pieces are now matted and framed and each of the 30 ships has a sample.

This is the only way you can buy these four prints, so please don’t email me for a bargain. You could probably get them for less on opening bid anyway.

Thanks to all of you who already own a CooperK, you have been instrumental in getting me this far.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me anytime… I always love hearing from you.

image size 20 x 20
paper size 24 x 24

This painting started out as a colorful abstract but then I saw drums emerge and a silhouette of the drummer.

I added the sax and trumpet in the background and on the SE corner of the image, it looks like the back of an old piano.

OK, that was cool, I enjoy painting music pieces and this flowed right into one. It was not until a few moths later, I was looking at it from across the room,and realized it was of my family. My children are very musical, one played drums and guitar, one played sax and guitar,
one played trumpet, and one played keyboard and tambourine growing up. Well, from then on, I have locked my arms around this painting. I was very pleased that this piece was chosen so it can be shared with others at a reasonable price.

Retail $500.00

image size 24 3/4 x 20
paper size 28 3/4 x 24
This is one of my images from my "FEEL GOOD" series. Bright colors and happy designs
bring smiles from across the room. And I feel good painting them. That’s what I call a win win situation.
Retail $500.00

image size 30 x 15
paper size 34 x 19
On my website you will find my "BLACK CAT SERIES" and this is one of those paintings.
Bootie has to stay home while I travel, so when I come home I add him in with some of the places I have been. Some are real and some are imaginary, but they are all fun. Check them out… it is an enjoyable collection.
Retail $500.00

image size 25 x 20
paper size 29 x 24
This piece is a collection of hearts and the feeling of love. Great piece for lovers , new and old. Old? We are never old, just experienced.
Retail $500.00